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    Today, you first corrected your homework:

    Here is what you said about the origins and consequences of stereotypes:

     Some people think they are superior to others. What's more, they are scared by differences between different groups of people : the "Fear of the Unknown" can lead to xenophobia and racism. People who have stereotypes make people responsible for problems / blame people for their problems so they are scapegoats.

    Written by Mélanie


    Then, you started working on the last document of the unit.

    First you rephrased the title and tried to answer the question:

    'How Hollywood stereotyped Native Americans' --> How did White Americans represent / portray 'Indians' in movies?



    - Lesson

    - Final Task: Document PDF à envoyer au plus tard le 1/02

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  • Hey!


    First, you played the guide for British tourists: you told them about accomodation and public transportation in Paris.

    Linguistic Devices

    Then, you corrected your homework about linguistic devices.


    To finish, you first listed the various origins and consequences of stereotypes. Then, you completed your grid thanks to your text:


    - Get prepared for the correction of your grid: complete with elements from the text.

    - Final Test: 1/02

    Revise linguistic devices

    Re-read all the texts and watch again the video (on the blog)

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  • Hey!


    Today, you talked about the negative and positive aspects of living in Paris, using the information in the text below:


    Here are the negative aspects:

    The story takes place in Paris at a café terrace. The author is English because he compares London and Paris.
    He spends a horrible year because it's difficult to find an apartment in Paris: indeed, they are stuck / packed together: when neighbours cook, it smells bad/stinks. Moreover, the guarantee is very expensive and to rent a flat, you need to provide/give many papers.

    Written by


    Here are the positive aspects:

    Written by



    - Lesson: youare a guide:tell British tourists about accomodation and public transportation in Paris (+ compare).

    - Leçon sur la comparaison (rappel)

    - FINAL TEST: 1/02

    - FINAL TASK: 3 et 4/02

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  • Hey!


    Today, you finished the correction of your activity on articles.

    Then, you worked on the stress of loan words:


    To finish, thanks to the title, you imagined what the next document will be about.



    - A Year in the Merde: prepare the recap from your notes.

    - Apprendre les règles d'accentuation des emprunts + règles sur les articles.

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  • Hey!


    First, you mentioned 2 striking stereotypes about the French.


    Then, you proved the stereotype about obese American people was inaccurate:

    How to deconstruct a stereotype?

    American men are said to be obese but :

    - Faith is not 

    - models / famous people like Rihanna are thin 

    - in 10 other countries, there are more obese people 

    - 1 out of 8 American people is obese.

    Therefore / Consequently, the stereotype is inaccurate / erroneous

    Written by Camille.


    You read the instructions for your final task:

    ... and started the correction of your exercise:

    To be continued...



    - Final Task: 3 et 4/02

    --> Envoyer le document par mail (video, image...) au plus tard le 1/02

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