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    Today, you started with the lesson: you gave your stereotypical vision of the American man and the definition of a stereotype.


    You studied a video document about people's stereotypes about the French:

    Here are the ones you picked:

    The French man is said to wear fancy clothes and to be in a rush. Moreover, he is believed to play THE accordion everywhere. French waiters and taxis are said to be rude / impolite. The French people are also thought to be heavy wine drinkers and cheese eaters. Furthermore, French women are believed not to shave their armpits. So, they stink.

    Written by Chloé L.



    - Compléter la fiche lexicale + apprendre

    - Lesson

    - Exercise on articles:

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  • Hey!


    Today, you first draw your representation of the American man and you presented it in front of the class.

    Unit 2: Racial Stereotypes

    Here is what you said:

    Some people think that the American man is overweight.
    The American man..
    -is seen as someone obese / plump / chubby.
    -is said to bear guns.
    -is believed to be patriotic / be fashionable.
    -is thought to wear casual outfits.

    Written by Linda.


    Then, you deduced this vision was sterotypical and you defined what a stereotype is. You completed your definition thanks to the text below:


    Here is your complete definition:

    A stereotype is an inaccurate / erroneous / ill-founded idea about a group of people.
    A cliché is unverifiable because we can't check it. Moreover, a prejudice is a distorted / deformed image.
    A stereotype is also fixed / engraved because it will never change.

    Written by Linda.



    - Lesson: People's vision of the American man + definition of a stereotype

    - Deconstruct the American stereotypes: choose one aspect and prove it is wrong (make searches - facts and figures)

    - Commencer la fiche lexicale: 'Racial Stereotypes'

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  • Hey!


    Today, you did the correction of the final test. Hope it helped!

    Final Test Correction


    A few remarks for future tests:

    - ALL the answers are in the text

    - Quotes: if you don't understand the syntax of the sentence, copy the whole sentence and underline the key words.


    As a recap, you individually wrote the summary of the text using the notes on the board.

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  • Hey!


    Today, you presented your final tasks to the class.

    Final Tasks

    Here is the listening activity:

    - Listen to the presentations and check if they are complete- Use the grid to take notes:

    - Ask questions to complete your grid.

    - Which ad is the most efficient? Why?



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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with a vocabulary test.


    Then, you reminded us about the benefits of this bracelet and completed the list:

    Power Balance permits the energy to flow better.
    Besides, it allows to be strong and flexible.

    Written by Linda.


    However, some people think this wristband doesn't work.

    Here is what you said about it:

    Athletes wear this bracelet because they don't feel confident.
    This bracelet is useless because there are no evidence / no scientific research / studies to prove it works.
    The people who use the wristband are lazy.
    They use celebrities such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo because they are famous and talented athletes, so clients want to identify with them / to look like them.

    Written by Linda.


    For the remaining time, you worked in pairs on your final tasks.



    - Mercredi et jeudi: final tasks

    - Lesson

    - Envoyez votre adresse mail!

    - Final Test: 14/11



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