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    Today, you did your final test about Fallen Heroes. Hope you did well!


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    Today, you first explained why Russell Williams could be considered as a fallen hero.

    Then, you corrected your homework.


    You studied the last example of fallen heroes thanks to the documents below:

    Here is what you understood about the article:

    Among 106 people, there were retired firefighters and policemen who were accused of a fraud after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They stole money, which came from taxes, saying they were disabled : they pretended to suffer from PTSD and other ailments/sicknesses but they lied because they lead normal lives : one flew a helicopter, a second played black jack in Las Vegas and another one does martial arts. The 4 leaders taught them how to dress, to speak and to fail tests in order to take advantage of the situation. Thus, policemen and firefighters should /are supposed to be models / embody bravery but they aren't / don't so they are fallen heroes. 

    Written by Camille.



    - Lesson

    - Final Test: Written comprehension mercredi 25 mai

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  • Hey!


    Today, Enzo, Lindsay and Antoine came to present the LVA option in terminale. Hope their intervention helped in your future decision!


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    Today, you first presented a fallen hero.


    Then, you focused on Colonel Russell Williams' story:

    Here is what you understood:

    Written by



    - Lesson

    - Find two sentences / quotes showing that the journalist is bewildered by the colonel's contradictions.

    - Mercredi 11: Prepare questions for Enzo who will present you the LVA option in terminale

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started a new chapter. First, you identified the different people on the pictures and said what they had in common. Then, you focused on the last man and tried to understand why he can be considered as a fallen hero.

    To finish, you checked your assumptions with the beginning of the article:

    Here is what you said:

    Bill Clinton was unfaithful /cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinsky when he was the president of the U.S.
    Colonel Russell Williams was a high-ranking/well-promoted pilot. He is accused of murdering two young women.
    Lance Armstrong used to be a cyclist. He took drugs / steroids so as to improve / enhance his performances.
    Oscar Pistorius used to run in the Paralympics because he's disabled. He killed his girlfriend.
    All people/ All of them were models who were involved in scandals so they became fallen heroes.
    First, they all denied but in the end Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong confessed.

    Written by Ornella.

    Bill Clinton used to be the President of the USA. He cheated on his wife/ had an affair with his secretary/ had a lover.
    Oscar Pistorrus who used to be a disabled athlete for the Paralympics, killed his fiancé.

    Lance Armstrong used to be a cyclist who took drugs so as to enhance / improve his cycling performances.

    Colonel Russell Williams used to be a pilot who climbed the ladder very fast and was decorated. Yet, he killed two young women.
    So, all these man are fallen heroes because they used to be (famous) heroes but faced scandals.

    Written by Chloé L.



    - Rentrée: Lesson



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