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    First, you presented the Amish community and then watched the beginning of the video again to complete their portrait:

    Here are additionnal information about the Amish:

    The Amish fled / ran away / escaped Europe especially Germany and Switzerland to the USA in 1693 because they were persecuted.
    Thus, they look forward to living their religion freely / as they want and to being cut from / secluded from the modern world.
    They use naturel gas, wood and propane instead of electricity. So, they have a backward lifestyle.

    Written by Ornella.


    Then, you focused on the importance of clothing:

    The Amish Community (Part 2)

    The Amish Community (Part 2)

    Here is what you said about it:

    Amish girls only wear one dress for church and their wedding. They take off / remove the white piece after the wedding and they put it back for their funeral.
    Amish boys wear different hats to tell teens apart from adults. Teens wear flat hats during the Running Around Period / Rumspringa
    Boys and girls can choose if they want to leave the community or to stay. Furthermore, they can date.

    Written by Laure.


    If you want to more about the Amish, here is an article (click on the picture below), and the trailer of the movie Witness:

    The Amish Community (Part 2)


    - Lesson: Who are the Amish? Tell about their clothing? (2 pupils)

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the lesson: Would you like to live in the City of the Dawn? Justify your choice with two examples.


    You corrected your homework:


    Then, you said everything you knew about the Amish community.

    You watched a video to know more about them.

    The Amish Community

    Here is what you understood:

    The Amish community was founded in 1693

    They were persecuted as Catholics.
    They are devout because they strictly follow the Bible.
    They ride horses and own farms : indeed, they live a simple life without electricity.
    Finally men have long beards.

    Written by Chloé.



    - Lesson: Present the Amish community

    - Apprendre les expressions 'Dreams and Aspirations' + revoir le vocabulaire du chapitre

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  • Hey!


    Today, after the correction of your final task, you talked about the reasons why people decided to live in the City of the Dawn and their aspirations.

    Then, you corrected your homework:


    You debated on the following question: Would you like to live there or not? Why?

    Here are your main arguments:

    The City of the Dawn is a closed-off / gated / secluded  place which is cut from/ isolated from the world. On the contrary, Julien thinks this is a peaceful world, where you live in harmony and where you feel safer.

    Written by Fadia.


    To finish, you read the rules and principles of the City of the Dawn and gave your impressions.

    Here they are:

    The City of the Dawn is like a sect because only one person decides if you live there, so the mother is like a guru.
    Moreover,  the trial period is too long. However/ Yet, there is solidarity within the community because they help each other .

    Written by Fadia



    - Lesson: Would you live in the City of the Dawn: select the 2 arguments (debate + rules)

    - 'Dreams and Aspirations' activity


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  • Hey!


    First, as a recap, you described the picture below:

    Then, you studied another example of ideal city:

    Here is what you said about it:

    The place is called the City of the Dawn because it represents a new day / the beginning of something new.
    Even though / even if people have different origins, they are equal.
    They created this city in order to stop wars / so as to prevent pollution, to fight racism and terrorism, and to experiment something new.
    They dream of a place without politics.
    Besides, they hope for a better future. Furthermore, they look forward to being more open-minded.

    Written by Aurélie.



    - Lesson: The City of the Dawn

    - Commencer la fiche lexicale Utopia

    - Faire les activités:

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  • Hey!


    Today, you finished the correction of your final test.

    Unit 2: Utopia

    Here is what you said about the second part of the text:

    Written by


    Then, you started a new unit thanks to this document:

    Here is what you said about it:

    Written by


    For your final task, you will create your ideal city!



    - Lesson

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