• Hey!


    Today, you did the recap of last time lesson:

    1) What are the steps to conduct a roomate interview?

    2) Define speedflatmating.


    Then, you listed the various advantages of speedflatmating as opposed to traditionnal flathunting. Then, you completed your list thanks to the text:

    Here are the ones you found the most important:

    Advantages of speedflatmating 

    Speedflatmating is the most efficient way to find a room because :

    -it's quick: you don't waste time.

    -you meet many people in a short time : you have many possibilities.

    -you can see the people face-to-face.

    -you can pick/choose the person you want to talk to. If he is annoying, you can switch.

    Written by Aurélie


    Then, you speedflatmated! Fortunately now, everybody has a house!


    Here are complementary documents about speedflatmating (click on the pictures to read / watch the different documents):





    - Lesson: promote speedflatmaing

    - Final Test: 11/12

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  • Hey!


    Today, after a vocabulary test, you listed all the ingredients for an efficient interview:

    Here is what you said:

    The steps for an efficient interview are:
    1) You have to ask questions to make a final decision/ to know if we can stand the prospective flatmates.
    2) You must tell them the rules / the limits.
    3) You have to find a venue / place: either you meet the person with a friend at your place or in a public place because it's safer/ if you don't want him to know where you live.

    Written by Mélanie


    Here are the instructions for your final task:

    Then, you focused on the form of the interview:



    - Lesson: Ingredients for an interview? (tutorial)

    - Recap à l'écrit sur feuille: Define Speedflatmating.

    - Final Task: à rendre au plus tard le 16/12

    - Prepare the interview: Worksheet

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  • Hey!


    Today, you first started with the correction of your activity:


    Then, you prepared the interviews.

    Here is what you said:

    I'm looking for someone who is not narrow-minded (vs open-minded) because I like meeting new people.
    I can't bear messy/untidy people nor people who are not sociable/not outgoing.
    I want someone who has a job to pay for the rent.
    Finally, I can't stand smokers because the smoke stinks. So I'm demanding.

    Written by Ornella.



    - PAS COURS DE 11H A 12H


    -Apprendre tout le vocabulaire nouveau

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the recap of the lesson.

    You focused on the present perfect forms and analysed them.


    You also organised into houses: some of you are looking for flatmates while others are looking for a place to stay, let's prepare interviews!

    To start with,you focused on qualities and defects. Here are worksheets to help you:



    - Prepare you oral part:

    Homeless: Tell about your qualities + Why?

    Recruiters: What are the intolerable defects? Why?

    - Activité Crosswords


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  • Hey!


    After a short recap of the benefits of flatsharing, you tried to convince skeptics: for each problem, you proposed a solution.

    As a recap, you wrote a flyer to promote flatsharing.

    Here is what you said:

    Flyer to promote Flatsharing

    If you think the shower is a problem, don't you think you could use the time to do something useful like cooking ?
    If you want to work in silence, maybe you could just ask your flatmates to help you ?
    If you have trouble with the chores, why don't you make a schedule to share them ?
    If your flatmates eat your food, I advise you to divide the fridge into different shelves.

    Written by Linda.


    Then, you studied a text. Here is what you said about it:

    Forty year-old people do flatsharing because:
    -They don't have the means to live/can't afford the rent on their own. So they're broke.
    -They know nobody/don't know anybody in a new city.
    -They are single or are not with their partner anymore.
    -The rent for a studio/one-bedder is £1000, so it's too expensive.
    -Houses are more expensive than in 1960 --> since 1960, prices have increased/ have climbed/ have risen.
    -Rents have risen by 14%.

    Written by Chloé



    - Recap 1: Promote flatsharing (solutions)

    - Recap 2: Why do 40 year-old people do flatsharing?

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