• Hey!


    After a short recap about Mc Donalds' marketing strategies to attract children, you analysed different ads.

    Here they are:

    Here is the grid you completed:

    Methawat volunteered to talk about the Ikea ad.



    - Recap: use your notes to tell about the Ikea ad.

    - Get prepared to present the two other ads.


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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the recap: as the man, you described your experiment.


    Then, you watched the video again in order to know more about the 4 characters:


    Here is what you said:

    G.W is the first President in America and he doesn't lie.
    One child thinks Jesus is Georges Bush but he makes a mistake / he is wrong.
    One child saw the picture of Wendy on a sign.
    R. McDonalds created / built McDo. In addition, he makes happy meals for his friends. Children can see him on TV, in commercials
    Consequently, children know better R, so he is famous in all America.

    Written by Léa.



    - Lesson: Choose a character and present him / her + draw your conclusions

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  • Hey!


    Today, you studied a video document:


    Here is what you said about it:

    We can see a man who is showing pictures to children : he wants them to guess / to recognize who are on the pictures.
    The children are in first grade, that’s why they are 6 years old.
    One of them recognizes Georges Washington.
    No one guesses who Jesus is

    Just one of them guesses who Wendy is.

    All of them recognize Mc Donald.

    Written by Pauline



    - Lesson: You are the man: tell about your experiment



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  • Hey!


    First of all, you analysed the ad, as a recap.

    To conclude on this document , you gave your personal opinion: did you find the strategies efficient? / convincing?

    Here is what you said:

    Methawat thinks the colour blue and the tiger attract boys WHEREAS the gift is for girls SO/CONSEQUENTLY, it's not logical.
    The stratégies are not EFFICIENT/ CONVINCING/WORKING.
    Nermina doesn't agree with Methawat because the tiger and the Barbie radio attract BOTH boys and girls.

    Written by Lola


    Then, you completed the methodology worksheets:



    - Apprendre par coeur le vocabulaire méthodologique

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  • Hey!


    Today, after a short test and the recap of the lesson, you exchanged information in order to get the analysis complete.

    Here is what you said:

    The background is blue and flashy to attract children /to catch the eye.
    The target is girls because there is a Barbie radio.
    The ad aims at influencing Barbie's fans. Moreover, it intends to convince girls.
    The strategies to sell a lot of cereals are to put a gift in the box and a friendly cute tiger.
    • The ad aims at+V+ing
    • The ad intends to+BV

    Written by Dania.



    - Recap

    - Ramener le matériel pour lundi

    - Mail vide

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