• Hey!


    Today, Nermina started with the recap of the lesson: she described the cereal box.


    Then, you finished the description but also worked on methodology (part B):


    Here is what you said:

    <They' re grrreat> is the slogan / the catchphrase, it means the cereals are delicious / tasty. The background is blue.In the top-right-hand corner, there is a caption.So, we can conclude it is an advert/ad.

    Written by Diana.


    To finsh, you worked in pairs focusing on the following aspects:

    - Justify the choice of colour (why blue?)

    - Who is the target? Why?

    - As advertisers, what is your goal / aim?

    - What are your strategies?



    - Get prepared for the correction.

    - Recap: presentation + description

    - Apprendre par coeur les expressions de la localisation.




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  • Hey!

    Today, we met for the first time, so I explained you how the course will work.

    Then, you started the first unit with the description of the first document:

    Here is what you said:

    There is "Frosted Flakes" in the middle : it is the brandname.
    It depicts a tiger on the left.
    It features a radio/a gift /a present in the bottom-right-hand corner.
    I can see the brand Kellogg's in the top-left-hand corner

    Written by Dania.



    - Recap: You created a new cereal box: present it to the class.

    - Envoyez votre adresse mail à a.menenteau@gmail.com

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