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    First, you did the recap of the document from your notes:

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    Then, you started, as detectives, your first murder case with the crime scene below:

    Here is your police report:

    On the ground, there is a torch which may be the murder weapon: the victim must have been hit / must have been stricken with it. I can also see the corpse on the ground. There are the butler and maybe the victim’s family / the owners of the house: they may be witnesses or suspects.

    Written by Cheïma



    You are a detective:

    - Tell about your police report (lesson)

    - You are going to interview the suspects / witnesses: prepare questions

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  • Hey!


    Today, the last groups presented their final tasks. Then, you corrected the pronunciation:

    You also started a new unit: you identified the people on the pictures and said who they are:



    - Write the recap of the lesson from your notes

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  • Hey!


    Today, you finished the presentations of your final tasks.


    Then, you chose the most efficient ad and justified your choice. To finihsh, you voted for the most convincing ad: Paolo won the contest!



    To finish, we made some comments about the form and content of the presentations.



    - Faire la fiche remédiation à la tâche finale.

    - Final Test: oral comprehension

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  • Hey!


    Today, you presented your awareness campaigns in front of the class.

    Final Task

    Here is the listening grid:


    To be continued tomorrow...

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  • Hey!


    You first told the story of the Subway Guy Jared Fogel and explained what solution he found to lose weight.


    Then, in groups, you trained for your final task:

    Group 1: You presented and described the document.

    Group 2: You analysed the document


    To be remembered for the final task:

    - Explain / reformulate the caption and the catchphrase.

    Ex: Kids are in danger and may die if they keep drinking sugary drinks. To protect them from obesity and diabetes, parents have to give them water instead of sodas.

    - Use BE+ V-ING when describing a picture:

    Ex: The girl is drowning

    - Revise the prepositions:

    Ex: IN the bottom right-hand corner



    - Réviser la tâche intermédiaire pour préparer la tâche finale.

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