• Hey!


    Today, some of you presented their favorite charity.


    Then, you studied a new video document.

    Jared: The Subway Guy

    Here is what you said about it:

    Jarred lost much weight thanks to subway because meals are healthier. He weighed 425 pounds so he went on a diet. He became famous, he is the star of more than 20 commercials.

    Written by Mathis



    - Final Test: vendredi 5/02

    - Lesson: Tell about Jared's story

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  • Hey!


    Today, after a vocabulary test, you finished the correction of your activity:

    Here is the recap:

    Tree House intends to give decent education for children with autism.

    Unicef aims at defending children around the world

    Written by Nuno


    Then, you did an activity on minimal pairs:



    - Lesson: If you could help a charity, which onewould you choose (in the list)? Tell about its goal and justify your choice.

    - Final Task: 1/02

    - Envoi document PDF au plus tard le 29/01

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  • Hey!


    Today, you analysed the campaign:

    To finish, you gave your personal opinion: is it efficient? / convincing?

    Here is what you said:

    The awareness campaign is disgusting  because the girl is drinking oil that's why it is shocking and efficient/convincing.

    Written by


    As a recap, you studied how to analyse an awareness campaign:

    Then, you read the final task instructions:

    ... and started the correction of your homework:

    To be continued...



    - Revoir tout le vocabulaire du chapitre + méthodo

    - FINAL TASK: 1/02


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  • Hey!


    To start with, you described the awareness campaign you had studied in class:


    Then, using your notes, you analysed it.

    Here is what you said:

    The black colour symbolizes / stands for death because junk food can kill you.

    The target is everybody who eats junk food / junk food consumers.

    The awareness campaign aims at shocking people. Besides, it intends to make people stop eating junk food.

    Written by Thibaud



    - Lesson: analyse the campaign

    - Give your personal opinion: do you think the campaign is convincing / effective? Explain why.

    - Activity Charities

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the lesson: you talked about the solutions Tom Littleton proposed to solve the problem of obesity.


    Then, you described the document below:

    Here is what you said:

    Awareness compaign about obesity/Junk food

    On the left, we can see a girl drinking oil.

    On the right, there is a catchphrase: when you eat crisps, it's like drinking oil.

    At the bottom, we can see a caption about the composition of crisps. The role of the caption is to provide more information.Next to it, there is a website.

    In the bottom right-hand corner, we can see the logo of the British Heart Foundation which is a charity.

    The background is black.

    Written by Anaïs


    You also started to work on the analysis:

    - Symbol of colour(s)?

    - Target?

    - Aim / Goal? The campaign aims at V-ING / intends to BV



    - Lesson: Describe the picture

    - Analysis


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