• Hey!


    Today was your final test, hope you did well!

    Final Test


    - Final Task

    --> Envoyer le visuel (PDF) par mail avant ce soir minuit

    --> Ramener la fiche évaluation


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  • Hey!


    Today, you first corrected your homework:

    Then, to be sure you will not forget important aspects in your final task, here is your check-list:

    For the remaining time, you worked in pairs in order to prepare your final task.

    Get prepared for your final task!


    - Test final: relire les textes étudiés en cours, revoir le vocabulaire du chapitre et la méthodologie aux noms composés.

    - Document PDF (Final Task) à envoyer par mail avant le 27/11

    - Utiliser la check-list pour votre tâche finale

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the warm-up: the object to guess was a pencil-sharpener:

    Then, you corrected your vocabulary activity and worked on the -ING forms:

    To finish, you focused on compounds:


    - Noms composés: leçon + activité 3: 'Your turn now'

    - Gérondif: leçon

    - Apprendre par coeur le vocabulaire nouveau

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  • Hey!


    Today, you read the instructions for your final task:

    Then, you corrected your homework:

    You studied a last example of unusual sport: Egg Throwing

    Here is what you learnt about this sport:

    Egg throwing consist in throwing raw eggs to you partner.The objective is to catch the egg without breaking it.Teams must be composed of two people.This sport comes from England: many certuries ago ,peuple threw eggs across the river to get heir meal on the other side.

    Written by Nuno



    - Lesson: Egg Throwing

    - Final Task: 30/11

    - Final Test: 27/11

    - Vocabulary activity: Sports


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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with a short vocabulary test.

    Then, from your notes (5 words), you presented the unusual sport you invented: Wife Carrying.

    Many people are interested in your sport and want to know more about it, so let's complete your presentation:

    Here is what you said:

    The couple have to be over 21 and must be composed of a man and a woman.
    Moreover, it is not necessary to be married .
    You can win 5 times the weight of the woman in cash and her weight in beer.

    Wife carrying is a North American sport.

    Written by Océane


    Here is the related video:


    - Aller sur le bog: Video Wife Carrying

    - Lesson: present Wife Carrying (5 words)

    - Vocabuary Activity (sous le texte)

    - Final Task : Get prepared for November 30th


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