• Hey!


    You first told the story of the Subway Guy Jared Fogel and explained what solution he found to lose weight.


    Then, in groups, you trained for your final task:

    Group 1: You presented and described the document.

    Group 2: You analysed the document


    To be remembered for the final task:

    - Explain / reformulate the caption and the catchphrase.

    Ex: Kids are in danger and may die if they keep drinking sugary drinks. To protect them from obesity and diabetes, parents have to give them water instead of sodas.

    - Use BE+ V-ING when describing a picture:

    Ex: The girl is drowning

    - Revise the prepositions:

    Ex: IN the bottom right-hand corner



    - Réviser la tâche intermédiaire pour préparer la tâche finale.

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  • Hey!


    Today, some of you presented their favorite charity.


    Then, you studied a new video document.

    Jared: The Subway Guy

    Here is what you said about it:

    Written by



    - Final Test: vendredi 5/02

    - Lesson: Tell about Jared's story

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  • Hey!


    Today, after a short test, you talked about the analysis of the awareness campaign:

    Then, you read your final task instructions:

    To finish, you corrected your activity on charities:

    Here are examples:

    Written by



    - Lesson: in the list, choose the charity you prefer: tell about its goal and explain your choice.

    - FINAL TASK: 1/02

    - Rendre le document PDF au plus tard le 29/01

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  • Hey!


    Today, you first talked about the symbol of the black colour in the awareness campaign below:

    Then, you finished the analysis of the campaign:

    Here is what you said:

    The awareness campaign is addressed to people who eat junk food.
    The campaign intends to sensitize people about the consequences of junk food.
    The campaign intends to inform and to warn people about the consequences of junk food.
    It aims at shocking people and at convincing them to eat less junk food.
    Sabrina thinks it is efficient / convincing because it's shocking : we can see a girl drinking oil which is disgusting.

    Written by Kadidiatou


    As a recap, you studied how to deal with an awareness campaign:



    - Revoir tout le vocabulaire du chapitre + méthodo

    - Lesson: target / aims / is it efficient?

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  • Hey!


    To start with, you described the awareness campaign you had studied in class and completed it:


    At the bottom, I can see a caption: its role is to give information and to explain the picture .

    On the right of the caption , there a website.   

    The background is black . So, the picture is an awareness compaign.

    Written by Chloé


    You also worked on the analysis:

    - Symbol of colour(s)?

    - Target?

    - Aim / Goal? The campaign aims at V-ING / intends to BV


    Here is what you said about the main colour:

    The black is the symbol of / stands for / symbolizes death because if the child eats too much crips, she is going to die.

    Written by Chloé.


    To be continued...




    - Lesson

    - Analysis: finish completing your notes about the goal and the target

    - Activity Charities

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