• Hey!


    Today, you presented your unusual sport.

    Here are some examples:

    To be continued..

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  • Hey!


    Today was your final test, hope you did well!

    Final Test


    - Final Task

    --> Envoyer le visuel (PDF) par mail avant ce soir minuit

    --> Ramener la fiche évaluation

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  • Hey!


    Today, you first corrected your homework:

    Then, to be sure you will not forget important aspects in your final task, here is your check-list:

    For the remaining time, you worked in pairs in order to prepare your final task.

    Get prepared for your final task!


    - Test final: relire les textes étudiés en cours, revoir le vocabulaire du chapitre et la méthodologie aux noms composés.

    - Document PDF (Final Task) à envoyer par mail avant le 27/11

    - Utiliser la check-list pour votre tâche finale

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the warm-up: the object to guess was a pencil-sharpener:

    Then, you corrected your vocabulary activity and worked on the -ING forms:

    To finish, you focused on compounds:


    - Noms composés: leçon + activité 3: 'Your turn now'

    - Gérondif: leçon

    - Apprendre par coeur le vocabulaire nouveau

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  • Hey!


    Today, you told Yanis and Kadidiatou about your assumptions concerning Egg Throwing.

    Egg Throwing (2)


    Then, you watched the video to check your suppositions.

    Here is what you learnt about this sport:

    Egg throwing consists in throwing raw eggs.
    The objective is to catch the egg  without breaking it /but you mustn't break it.
    Teams must be composed of two people.
    Egg throwing is an English sport :in the past, to get their meal on the other side of the river, people threw eggs across the river .

    Written by Halimatou



    - Lesson: Egg Throwing

    - Final Task: 30/11

    - Final Test: 27/11

    - Vocabulary activity: Sports


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