• A Year in the Merde



    Today, you talked about the negative and positive aspects of living in Paris, using the information in the text below:


    Here are the negative aspects:

    The story takes place in Paris at a café terrace. The author is English because he compares London and Paris.
    He spends a horrible year because it's difficult to find an apartment in Paris: indeed, they are stuck / packed together: when neighbours cook, it smells bad/stinks. Moreover, the guarantee is very expensive and to rent a flat, you need to provide/give many papers.

    Written by


    Here are the positive aspects:

    Written by



    - Lesson: youare a guide:tell British tourists about accomodation and public transportation in Paris (+ compare).

    - Leçon sur la comparaison (rappel)

    - FINAL TEST: 1/02

    - FINAL TASK: 3 et 4/02

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