• Ads presentations



    After a short recap about Mc Donalds' marketing strategies to attract children, you analysed different ads.

    Here they are:

    Here is the grid you completed:

    Here are your conclusions:

    In the ads, they use a lot of strategies:

    -cute animals

    -dark humor

    -to shock

    -a seducing celebrity

    -to compare


    Diaba and Celia prefer the commercial because they both like Hugh Jackman's muscular body: he is seducing and virile.On the first picture, the dog is wrinkled whereas on the second one, his skin is smooth.

    Written by Joana.


    This activity enabled you to prepare your final task. Here are the instructions:


    - Apprendre tout le vocabulaire nouveau

    - Find a catchphrase for the Ikea ad.


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