• Are gun restrictions efficient enough?



    Today, our expert, Marie, spoke about gun regulations in the US.

    Then, thanks to the video, you focused on Michigan.

    Here is what you said about it:

    Michigan is a shall-issue state because :

    -the man doesn't need a good cause to bear a gun.

    -he has to take a test (background check). It consists in filling in/completing a form : he mentions his race and that he's not mentally defective.

    Gun regulations aren't efficient because :

    -nobody can prove he says the truth.

    -it's too easy to get a gun: he gets a free gun after he opened an account.

    -there is no police control : a bank clerk gives the gun.

    Written by Quentin


    You will have to write a letter for your final task, so let's see some examples!

    Hw: Pour mardi 17

    - Entraînement à l'épreuve de compréhension orale.

    - Intermediate task: You are part of an association against gun bearing; write a letter to the bank to tell about your reaction after you saw the video (150 words - write very two lines)

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