• Assimilation by Kevin Butler



    Today, after you talked about the living conditions of the Stolen Generations but also about the consequences of their removal, you analysed an Aboriginal painting:

    Here is the real meaning of this painting:

    Here is the analysis:
    Kevin Butler was a half-caste child, so he is telling/ is testifying about his experience in a painting, which represents a maze. In the middle, there is the protection board which is the beginning of the maze. The Stolen Generations had to go through obstacles such as racism, suicide, alcohol, drug abuse.
    Their goal is to escape and to come back home / The way out is the house which represents safety.

    Written by Nadhmati



    - Lesson: Painting

    - Has assimilation been successful? --> Prove your answer with precise examples taken from the documents studied in class.

    - Final Test Oral Comprehension next wednesday

    - Audio recording about Genetic Selection: time limit tonight

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