• Awareness campaign



    To start with, you described the awareness campaign you had studied in class and completed it:


    At the bottom, I can see a caption: its role is to give information and to explain the picture .

    On the right of the caption , there a website.   

    The background is black . So, the picture is an awareness compaign.

    Written by Chloé


    You also worked on the analysis:

    - Symbol of colour(s)?

    - Target?

    - Aim / Goal? The campaign aims at V-ING / intends to BV


    Here is what you said about the main colour:

    The black is the symbol of / stands for / symbolizes death because if the child eats too much crips, she is going to die.

    Written by Chloé.


    To be continued...




    - Lesson

    - Analysis: finish completing your notes about the goal and the target

    - Activity Charities

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