• City of the Dawn (2)



    Today, after the correction of your final task, you talked about the reasons why people decided to live in the City of the Dawn and their aspirations.

    Then, you corrected your homework:


    You debated on the following question: Would you like to live there or not? Why?

    Here are your main arguments:

    The City of the Dawn is a closed-off / gated / secluded  place which is cut from/ isolated from the world. On the contrary, Julien thinks this is a peaceful world, where you live in harmony and where you feel safer.

    Written by Fadia.


    To finish, you read the rules and principles of the City of the Dawn and gave your impressions.

    Here they are:

    The City of the Dawn is like a sect because only one person decides if you live there, so the mother is like a guru.
    Moreover,  the trial period is too long. However/ Yet, there is solidarity within the community because they help each other .

    Written by Fadia



    - Lesson: Would you live in the City of the Dawn: select the 2 arguments (debate + rules)

    - 'Dreams and Aspirations' activity


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