• Consequences and Causes for obesity



    First of all, you talked about the consequences of obesity on health.

    Then, you corrected your homework: the consequences are not only dangerous for health but also but social life.

    Here is what you said:

    Obesity has consequences on social life because people bully / mock / laugh at obese children.

    Moreover, overweight children are not self-confident / have low self-esteem.

    Obese children have more difficulties at school

    Written by Aïcha


    Then, you focused on the causes of obesity.

    Here are the ones you listed:

    Obese people don't exercise / don’t practice sport.

    They eat junk food rather than vegetables. Besides, overweight people prefer drinking sodas because it's cheaper / less expensive than fruit juice.

    Written by Aïcha



    - Lesson: Tell about the causes of obesity

    - Compléter les fiches lexicales

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