• Fairy Tales Ingredients



    Today, you started a new chapter with a brainstorming: what are the ingredients of a fairy tale?

    Fairy Tales Ingredients

    Then, in order to get familiar with the composition of a fairy tale, you studied the Little Red Riding Hood. You also used the set of pictures to help you:

    Here is the story of the Little Red Riding Hood:

    Long, long time ago, Little Red Riding Hood's mother sent her to her grandma's house so as to give her pie and honey. Then, in the woods, she met the wolf and talked to it. Later, she was picking flowers while the wolf was knocking on grandmother's door. When she arrived at her grandma's house, she spoke to the wolf which was pretending to be her grandmother.
    After, the wolf devoured LRRH, the hunter killed it in order to save them. Finally, LRRH and her grandma were eating the pie and drinking wine while the hunter was taking the wolf skin home.

    Written by Ornella.



    - Lesson: Tell the story of the LRRH

    - What are the ingredients of a fairy tale?

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