• Final Task



    First, you mentioned 2 striking stereotypes about the French.


    Then, you proved the stereotype about obese American people was inaccurate:

    How to deconstruct a stereotype?

    American men are said to be obese but :

    - Faith is not 

    - models / famous people like Rihanna are thin 

    - in 10 other countries, there are more obese people 

    - 1 out of 8 American people is obese.

    Therefore / Consequently, the stereotype is inaccurate / erroneous

    Written by Camille.


    You read the instructions for your final task:

    ... and started the correction of your exercise:

    To be continued...



    - Final Task: 3 et 4/02

    --> Envoyer le document par mail (video, image...) au plus tard le 1/02

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