• Final Test Correction



    Today the last groups presented their ads and you voted for the most efficient one.


    Then, you did the correction of the final test. Hope it helped!

    Final Test Correction


    A few remarks for future tests:

    - ALL the answers are in the text

    - Quotes: if you don't understand the syntax of the sentence, copy the whole sentence and underline the key words.


    Here is the correction:



    Examples of campaigns:

    - 'Friends don't let firends drive drunk' targets the firends of drunk people. It intends to make friends prevent their drunk friends from driving. It was efficient because 70% if friends were convinced by the ad.

    - The soap campaign targets Ghanaians in order to make  them wash their hands more regularly. It works because 41% more people washed their hands after the campaign.

    - 'I love NY' targets businesses and industries. It intends to promote the city of NY.


    Adevrtising is used to:

    - to sensitize people

    - to recruit people

    - to attract donations

    - to promote activities

    Advertising is a weapon because it influences people, it changes people's attitudes.

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