• Final Test Correction



    Today, you corrected your final tests.

    Final Test Correction

    Here is what you said about the situation and the suspects:

    The victim is Sally Jupp: she was a maid because she helped Eleanor Maxie with her invalid husband. Sally was strangled before 12:33 am in her room.
    Felix Hearne is innocent because he didn't know where Sally's bedroom was.
    Catherine Bowers thought Sally was alive because she wanted to speak to her.
    Stephen Maxie and Derek Pullen are innocent because they have an alibi.
    Deborah Riscoe can't be the culprit because she has long nails and there are no marks on Sally's neck.
    Mr Proctor can't have strangled Sally because he is her uncle and he is invalid.
    The invalid husband can't be the murderer because he is disabled.
    Martha can't be the culprit because she didn't know about the murder before Felix told her.

    Written by Thibaut.



    - Use your notes to deduce:

    --> Who the culprit is.

    --> What the motive is.

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