• Gendercide



    Today, you worked on gendercide in India.

    Here is what you understood from the video:

    In India, there are twice as many boys as girls because of gendercide which is choosing the baby’s gender. Some parents are ready to pay to do abortion when they know their baby is a girl. However, it is illegal.

    Boys are financially more attractive because they don’t give dowries before their wedding. Indian families want at least one son to look after their business and name.

    Consequently, some men don’t have partners because there are not enough women.


    Voc : 

    - to be pregnant = to expect a baby

    - a boy who is about to get married = a groom

    - a girl who is about to get married = a bride

    Written by Lucas


    Here are additionnal documents about gendercide:

    Click on the picture below to read the article:



    - Entraînement au débat: Reaction cards

    1) Indian families who do selective abortion should be punished

    2) Selective abortion would permit to regulate the number of men and women in the world.

    3) It is possible to change the Indian society concerning selective abortion.

    Révisions pour le test final (9/03):

    - Revoir TOUS les documents du chapitre étudiés + vocabulaire nouveau

    - Voir les documents complémentaires sur Gendercide (blog)

    - Revoir les objectifs de relecture: préparer la copie avec les objectifs de relecture notés (Fiche autorisée)


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