• Get prepared for your interview!



    Yesterday, since the rest of the class was taking their German oral exam, you worked on interview questions about the three notions you will present for your oral exam.

    Get prepared for the interview

    Here they are:


    Gun bearing in the US

    What makes gun bearing a form of power ? 

    Would you bear a gun if you lived un the USA ? (Why?)

    Should we allow gun bearing un France ? (Why?)

    Do you think there would be less crime if gun bearing was completly forbidden? (Why?)

    Should teachers in the USA be armed? (Why?)

    Are we safer with a gun? (Why?)


    Stolen Generations

    Do you think Kevin Rudd's apologies are enough? (Why?)

    What is the difference between assimilation and integration? 

    Has assimilation been successful ?


    Genetic selection

    When you die, will you donate your organs?(Why?)

    Do you think this method will be common in the future? (Why?)

    Do you consider saviour saiblings as objects? (Why?)

    Do you think designing babies is a form of progress or not ? (Why?)

    Would you be ready to give your sibling a kidney for example ? (Why?)

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