• Gun regulations in Michigan



    Today, our expert, Bastien, spoke about gun regulations in the US.

    Then, you watch a video document: What about gun regulations in this state? Are they strict enough?.

    Here is what you said about it:

    • Michigan is a shall-issue state because he has to do a background check / to take a test / to fill in a form: they ask if he is involved in crimes / if he has a criminal reccord, if he is mentally normal, and if he is Caucasian.
    • The regulations are not strict enough/ efficient, because you just have to open an account to get a free gun. They encourage American people to carry a gun: it's too easy to get a gun. In addition, you can lie on the form.

    Written by Myriam


    You will have to write a letter for your final task, so let's see some examples!

    Hw: Pour mercredi

    - Lesson

    - Compléter la fiche méthodologique à la lettre

    Pour jeudi:

    - Intermediate task: You are part of an association against gun bearing; write a letter to the bank to tell about your reaction after you saw the video (150 words - write very two lines)

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