• Gun regulations in the US



    After a short recap, you finished the analysis of the cartoon:

    Children are used to guns because in the USA, gun bearing is part of their culture and history.

    Written by Jeanne.


    Then, you focused on regulations concerning gun bearing in the US.


    Here is what you said:

    In may-issue states, you can bear a gun if you have a permit/license and a good reason (for hunting...). The permit is given by the police.
    In shall-issue states : You don't need a good reason to bear a gun but you need a permit. There are many conditions : minimum age, fingerprints, a training... Moreover, the police check if you're not a criminal (background check).
    In no-issue states : People are forbidden to carry a gun.
    -> Guns are allowed in all states.

    Written by Jeanne



    - Recap :Gun regulations

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