• How to disarm an attacker?



    Today, you started studying the last document of the unit thanks to the picture below:

    Then, you checked your suppositions in the text:


    Here is what you understood:

    Thanks to a self defense training, we can learn how to disarm/ to neutralize a shooter who is wearing a helmet and a bullet-proof vest and bearing a fake gun.
    This training permits to learn different techniques :
    - we can use objects as weapons: for example scissors, a stapler.
    - we can learn how to grab/ hold the barrel of a gun and point it away.
    - we can find a blind spot to catch the attacker from behind.
    - we can learn how to use yours hands/ elbows/ knees/ feet as weapons.
    - we can escape / hide / fight.
    -we can anticipate an attack.

    Written by Houda


    Here are documents related to today's lesson (click on the picture below to watch the video and read the article):


    How to disarm an attacker?


    - Lesson: You are teaching a self-defense class: what are the self-defense techniques to protect yourself form an armed attacker? (pair work: one is speaking and one is showing the correct gestures)


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