• In-vitro fertilization: progress or not?



    Today, you briefly explained the origins and the evolution of in-vitro fertilization.


    You gave your personal opinion about it: are you in favour of such evolution? Why? Why not?

    You completed your list of arguments thanks to the text:

    Here they are:

    Positive arguments:

    - to prevent / avoid diseases.

    - longer life

    - to choose

    Negative arguments:

    - not natural --> not ethical

    - hair colour: superficial

    - not an object / customize

    - no surprise

    - baby / to look like parents

    - no diversity = all the same

    - only wealthy people / the haves: to have access to / can afford

    - to regret



    - Commencer la fiche lexicale sur les expressions de l'opinion / accord / désaccord

    - React to geneticist Lee Silver's words (52-55): do you agree with him? Why? Why not?

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