• Intermediate Task



    You first told the story of the Subway Guy Jared Fogel and explained what solution he found to lose weight.


    Then, in groups, you trained for your final task:

    Group 1: You presented and described the document.

    Group 2: You analysed the document


    To be remembered for the final task:

    - Explain / reformulate the caption and the catchphrase.

    Ex: Kids are in danger and may die if they keep drinking sugary drinks. To protect them from obesity and diabetes, parents have to give them water instead of sodas.

    - Use BE+ V-ING when describing a picture:

    Ex: The girl is drowning

    - Revise the prepositions:

    Ex: IN the bottom right-hand corner



    - Réviser la tâche intermédiaire pour préparer la tâche finale.

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