• Jocelyn Wildenstein



    Today, you studied different documents:


    Here is what you said about them:

    She may have had an accident, so she did plastic surgery to fix her face.

    She may not have liked her face.

    She may have had hang-ups.

    She may not have wanted age to creep up on her.

    Written by Anaïs

    Jocelyn Wildenstein did plastic surgery because she didn't want her husband to leave her / she wanted to be more seducing. Besides, she wanted to look like a wild exotic cat because her husband loves wild cats. Unfortunately, the surgery was a failure because ,she was scary / ugly and deformed. When her husband saw her, he was horrified and didn't recognize her so he had an affair with a model and got divorced.

    Written by Cheïma.



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    - Final Test: Vendredi

    - Final Task Lettre: Vendredi 27 mai

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