• Méthodologie à la lettre formelle



    Today, you first corrected your homework:

    Then, you interviewed Renata to know more about her personal story. As a conclusion, you discussed about the potential creation of a foundation like the Little Baby Face Foundation.

    Here are your reactions:

    The class is against the creation of the Litle Baby Face Foundation in France because kids are too young and can regret later. Besides, hang-ups are not physical but psychological problems,so they need a psychologicalist. Morever, their faces will probaly change.  

    Written by Chéïma


    To finish, you studied the composition of a formal letter:



    Pour demain: Lesson

    Pour vendredi:

    - FINAL TEST:compréhension écrite (revoir tous les documents + le vocabulaire nouveau)

    - Rendre la tâche intermédiaire: You are Renata, write a letter to the surgeon to convince him to fix your nose (150 words)

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