• New York Police and Firefighters among 106 accused over 9/11 fraud



    Today, you first explained why Russell Williams could be considered as a fallen hero.

    Then, you corrected your homework.


    You studied the last example of fallen heroes thanks to the documents below:

    Here is what you understood about the article:

    Among 106 people, there were retired firefighters and policemen who were accused of a fraud after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They stole money, which came from taxes, saying they were disabled : they pretended to suffer from PTSD and other ailments/sicknesses but they lied because they lead normal lives : one flew a helicopter, a second played black jack in Las Vegas and another one does martial arts. The 4 leaders taught them how to dress, to speak and to fail tests in order to take advantage of the situation. Thus, policemen and firefighters should /are supposed to be models / embody bravery but they aren't / don't so they are fallen heroes. 

    Written by Camille.



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    - Final Test: Written comprehension mercredi 25 mai

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