• Patrick's murder



    First, you corrected your vocabulary activity.

    Then, you listed all the elements you need for a perfect investigation:
    I need :
    - clues
    - a crime scene
    - suspect(s)
    - a crime weapon
    - avictim
    - witness(es)
    - alibis : What ? Where ? Who ?
    -> to find the murderer / the motive.

    ->to write a report.

    Written by Inès.


    You started investigating on your last case, using the list above.

    Here are the first elements you found:
    Patrick was stricken / was hit on the back of his head with a heavy blunt instrument.
    Patrick must have been hit with a sledgehammer or a spanner.
    He might have been hit with a heavy metal vase, because his wife didn't have one at home.

    Written by Inès.



    - Lesson: Tell about the first elements of your investigation.

    - Re-read the text and find other elements

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