• Positive and negative aspects about Paris



    Today, you used your notes to recap the negative aspects of living in Paris:

    Stephen Clarke is an English man who spends one year in Paris. He compares the metro and the underground / the Tube. Apartments in Paris  are small and packed. Moreover, neighbours are noisy and numerous.

    Written by Nermina


    Then, you focused on the positive aspects:

    Here is what you said:

    In Paris, metros are more regular than in London.
    The Carte Orange is cheaper and the employer pays 50% / half of it.
    The metro is clean whereas the underground is dirty.
    In Paris, French people don't stink, so he proves the stereotype is inaccurate.
    Public transportation is less stressful.
    In London, the Tube is small so you have to bend whereas in Paris, you can stand.

    Written by Nermina



    - Lesson: you are a guide for British tourists: tell about public transportation in Paris

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