• Power Balance: a gadget?



    First, you corrected your homework:

    The object is a wristband made of rubber with a hologram.
    The brandname is Power Balance.
    The target is athletes.
    It makes them stronger and more performant.
    In addition/ Moreover, the bracelet intends to run faster and jump higher.
    The bracelet aims at increasing abilities

    Written by Nermina.


    However, Lola thinks this object is not a revolution but a gadget. So, you found arguments in the text proving it is a gadget:

    The bracelet aims at increasing abilities.
    The bracelet is not a revolution.
    There is no scientific study to prove the bracelet works.
    The bracelet is for lazy people : they don't make efforts.
    The strategy is not show celebrities like D.B or C.R wearing it.

    Written by Dania.



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