• Power Balance



    Today, you proposed various catchphrases for the Ikea ad in order to deduce the ingredients of an efficient ctachphrase:

    The catchphrase has to: 

    -be short

    -be funny

    -contain a pun

    -fit with the commercial

    -contain rhymes

    Written by Joana.


    Then, you studied a new document.

    Here is what you said about it:

    The object is a rubber bracelet / wristband: the name is Power Balance. There is a small hologram and it costs £30.Thanks to it, athletes can run faster and jump higher.

    Written by Joana.


    Hw: Pour lundi 7/12

    - Lesson

    - What about the other benefits? (use the expressions seen in class) : à faire à l'écrit.

    - Final Test CE: 14/12

    - Final Task: 9/12 -->PDF à envoyer au plus tard le 4/12

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