• Right-to-carry Laws



    After a short recap, you focused on 'Right-to-carry laws' concerning gun bearing in the US.


    Here is what you said:

    Right-to-carry Laws: regulations / restrictions
    Shall issue states: You can bear a concealed / hidden gun with a license but there is no control. You must pay a fee / must take a test / prove you're not a criminal (Background check).
    May issue states: You must have a good cause to bear a hidden gun.
    No issue states: Americans are forbidden to / are prohibited to / are not allowed to bear weapons.

    Written by Lucas.


    Then, you watched a video document to identify:

    - The name of the State?

    - Shall-issue / May-issue / No-issue state?

    - Why? Pick out elements to justify your answer.



    - Recap :Right-to-carry laws

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