• Speedflatmating



    Today, you did the recap of last time lesson:

    1) What are the steps to conduct a roomate interview?

    2) Define speedflatmating.


    Then, you listed the various advantages of speedflatmating as opposed to traditionnal flathunting. Then, you completed your list thanks to the text:

    Here are the ones you found the most important:

    Advantages of speedflatmating 

    Speedflatmating is the most efficient way to find a room because :

    -it's quick: you don't waste time.

    -you meet many people in a short time : you have many possibilities.

    -you can see the people face-to-face.

    -you can pick/choose the person you want to talk to. If he is annoying, you can switch.

    Written by Aurélie


    Then, you speedflatmated! Fortunately now, everybody has a house!


    Here are complementary documents about speedflatmating (click on the pictures to read / watch the different documents):





    - Lesson: promote speedflatmaing

    - Final Test: 11/12

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