• Stolen Generations



    Today, you did a brainstorming about Stolen Generations.

    Stolen Generations

    Then, you watched a video to know more about them.

    Here is what you understood:

    Mixed-race aboriginal children/ half-caste children were kidnapped by British settlers in order to be educated and converted to Christianity in institutions, that's why they had limited contact with their parents.
    To escape settlers, families hid them in suitcases.
    British settlers wanted to die out the Aboriginal culture and to assimilate half-caste children because they thought they could "save" them.

    Written by Houda.



    - Demain : FINAL TASK DEBATE

    - Date limite envoi du fichier audio: 30 mars

    Pour le 29/03:

    - Lesson

    - Explain the difference between integration and assimilation


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