• Suspects' interviews



    First, you refreshed our memory with the testimony of Lord Wiliam Hewston.

    Then, you interviewed the two other suspects: Lady Daphne and Jarvis, the butler:

    Here is what you said:

    Lady Daphne Hewston's testimony

    She was eating breakfast in the dining room with her husband. When she heard the shot, she was terrified and paralysed with fear because she couldn't do anything. The butler was not present in the dining room at the time of the murder: he was in the kitchen.

    Jarvis's testimony

    Jarvis was preparing breakfast in the kitchen for Mr and Mrs Hewston. He didn't hear the shot because the kitchen is too far away but he heard the husband running upstairs the followed him to the office but he couldn't see the corpse because the door was locked.

    Written by Mathis



    - Lesson: Interview the 2 suspects (prepare questions and answers)

    - Who is the culprit? Why?

    --> Re-read the 3 testimonies

    --> Make suppositions

    --> Watch again the crime scene carefully:

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