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    Yesterday, since the rest of the class was taking their German oral exam, you worked on interview questions about the three notions you will present for your oral exam.

    Get prepared for the interview

    Here they are:


    Gun bearing in the US

    What makes gun bearing a form of power ? 

    Would you bear a gun if you lived un the USA ? (Why?)

    Should we allow gun bearing un France ? (Why?)

    Do you think there would be less crime if gun bearing was completly forbidden? (Why?)

    Should teachers in the USA be armed? (Why?)

    Are we safer with a gun? (Why?)


    Stolen Generations

    Do you think Kevin Rudd's apologies are enough? (Why?)

    What is the difference between assimilation and integration? 

    Has assimilation been successful ?


    Genetic selection

    When you die, will you donate your organs?(Why?)

    Do you think this method will be common in the future? (Why?)

    Do you consider saviour saiblings as objects? (Why?)

    Do you think designing babies is a form of progress or not ? (Why?)

    Would you be ready to give your sibling a kidney for example ? (Why?)

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  • Hey!


    Today, you first presented a fallen hero.


    Then, you focused on Colonel Russell Williams' story:

    Here is what you understood:

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    - Mercredi 11: Oral Mock Exam (Stolen Generations): Presentation + Interview Questions

    - Lesson

    - Find two sentences / quotes showing that the journalist is bewildered by the colonel's contradictions.


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  • Hey!


    Today, you did the correction of your mock exam about the Stolen Generations.

    Here is the video of Kevin Rudd's speech:

    Hope that helped you to improve your reading skills but also for your oral presentation on the topic.



    - Oral Presentation : May 11th + prepare interview questions

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started a new chapter. First, you identified the different people on the pictures and said what they had in common. Then, you focused on the last man and tried to understand why he can be considered as a fallen hero.

    To finish, you checked your assumptions with the beginning of the article:

    Here is what you said:

    Bill Clinton used to be the president of the USA and he cheated on his wife / had sexual intercourse with / had an affair with his secretary

    Lance Armstrong was a cyclist: he took drugs.

    Oscar Pistorius said he killed his girlfriend by accident.

    Russel Williams used to be a Canadian air force commander. He quickly became a colonel because he was talented / skilled.

    Yet, he disappointed people because he was accused of murdering two women.

    All of them were famous, faced scandals and denied the facts. As a result, they are fallen heroes.

    Written by Elsa.



    - Rentrée: Lesson

    - May 11th: Oral presentation about the Stolen Generation + Prepare interview questions


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  • Hey!


    Today, to begin with, as a guide of the Australian Museum, you talked about the work of art entitled Assimilation.

    Then, you defined what assimilation is. In the end was it really successful?

    Here is what you said about it:

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    - Lesson: Has assimilation been successful?


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