• Hey!


    First, you recounted the lesson using different gap fillers.

      Gap fillers

    Well / What I mean is / I mean  / What I am trying to sly is that
    - this is use to rephrase / to explain
    You see / You know
    - this use when you can't find your words

    Then, you listed all the necessary tools for a perfect debate thanks to the video below (2'20--> 3'36):

    Here is your list:

    Keys to a successful debate

    - use the lesson vocabulary
    - use gap fillers
    - prepare arguments / examples
    - organise ideas
    - respect the others' opinions
    - be understandable / clear
    - speak loud
    - listen to the others to respond
    - persuade the others
    - can't stop / can't interupt
    - think fast to respond / to react
    - flip the other on his back = use the other's arguments against him
    - prepare : be persuasive / convincing / use relevant arguments

    Are you joking?That's nonsense !

    Written by Rebecca


    To finish, I gave you the final task instructions:


    - Lesson: Keys to a successful debate

    - Corrigé Final Test + Essay à rendre pour mercredi prochain

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  • Hey!


    Today, you corrected your final task and your  intermediate task: your essay.

    You also did some activities to improve your skills!



    - Terminer les activités de correction

    - Lesson spare-part babies + gap fillers

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  • Hey!


    Today, you studied a text about spare-part babies.

    Here is what you said about it:

    Jamie and Anna are spare-part babies. They were born thanks to In-Vitro Fertalisation (IVF) to save their siblings, giving them organs they don't need like a kidney.
    Designer infants are a kind of medication and must have the same genetics as their brothers and sisters.
    Jamie was to young to decide whereas Anna doesn't want to give her kidney because she wants to make her own choices and decisions / she doesn't want grown-ups to decide for her.
    Moreover, it never stops.

    Written by Coraline


    Here are documents about spare-part babies (click on the pictures to read the different articles):

    Spare-part babies

    Jamie's story:

    Spare-part babies

    My Sister's Keeper trailer (Anna's story)


    - Lesson: You are Anna: introduce yourself and tell about your situation using some gap fillers to clarify your point: WELL / WHAT I MEAN IS / I MEAN / WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT / YOU KNOW / YOU SEE

    - Documents blog

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started with the correction of your oral presentations.


    Then, you listed all the arguments against and for the evolution of in vitro fertilization from your notes:

    After  you studied the form of the essay:

     To finish, you reacted to Lee Silver's quote:


    - Rédiger la deuxième partie du sujet argumentatif à partir des arguments contre + la conclusion - 150 mots / Ecrire une ligne sur 2


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  • Hey!


    Today, you briefly explained the origins and the evolution of in-vitro fertilization.


    You gave your personal opinion about it: are you in favour of such evolution? Why? Why not?

    You completed your list of arguments thanks to the text:

    Here they are:

    Positive arguments:

    - to prevent / avoid diseases.

    - longer life

    - to choose

    Negative arguments:

    - not natural --> not ethical

    - hair colour: superficial

    - not an object / customize

    - no surprise

    - baby / to look like parents

    - no diversity = all the same

    - only wealthy people / the haves: to have access to / can afford

    - to regret



    - Commencer la fiche lexicale sur les expressions de l'opinion / accord / désaccord

    - React to geneticist Lee Silver's words (52-55): do you agree with him? Why? Why not?

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