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    Today, you first told the woman's story. You concluded on the document, focusing on her tone: she was moved and determined.


    Then, you worked on intonation: you identified the correct intonation for each sentence and picked the corresponding words / expressions (when possible):


    You also started the correction of your letters:




    - Final Test CO: 16/12

    - Ramener la fiche erreurs pour correction


    - Imprimer les fiches de suivi des remarques:

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    Today, you studied the testimony of a woman about gun bearing:

    The right to bear arms

    Here is her point of view about gun bearing:

    In 2009, the woman's husband was murdered in front of her by a man who had stalked / had harassed her.

    She is in favor of gun bearing because it's your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

    Moreover, a gun can save lives in the correct hands.

    In fact, if she had had a gun, it may have permitted to save her husband. In her opinion, the police can't be anywhere at anytime.

    To conclude, she doesn't care if criminals die because they do evil.

    Written by Elsa




    - Lesson

    - Final Test: 16/12

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  • Hey!


    Today, after a short recap of the lesson, you reacted to the story.

    Here is what you said:

    It’s easy to have access to guns in Arizona because it’s an unrestricTed state. Yet, it’s excessive to kill someone just to take one’s revenge, but the boy grew up in a violent environment, so he is not totally responsible. In fact, his step-father had influenced him because he had taught  him how to use a gun.

    Written by


    Here are interesting additionnal documents (click on the pictures below to read / watch them):

    Intermediate Task Correction

    Intermediate Task Correction

    Intermediate Task Correction



    You also corrected your summaries in French.

    Here is a possible version:

    Il s’agit d’une fausse émission de télé-achat.

    Dans ce document, deux présentateurs enthousiasmés vantent les qualités d’un fusil d’assaut (AK 47) qui a connu plus de 75 guerres, afin de convaincre les téléspectateurs d’appeler pour l’acheter.

    Dans un premier temps, les clients qui se manifesteront au cours de la première se verront offrir un cadeau pour tout achat d’un fusil : ils auront droit à un an de munitions / balles gratuites. Il est possible de régler l’achat en liquide, en dollars provenant de comptes off-shore / à l’étranger, et même en diamants. De plus, le présentateur assure qu’il n’y a pas d’inquiétude à avoir car tout est parfaitement légal.

    Le ton du document est ironique car il s’agit d’une fausse émission. L’humour noir est aussi présent, car le sujet des armes et de la violence sont traités avec légèreté.




    - Aller sur le blog:

    1) Correction compte-rendu en français

    2) Consulter des documents complémentaires

    - Leçon sur le past-perfect


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  • Hey!


    Today, you corrected your homework:

    The Nation Riffle Association (NRA) is an American nonprofit organization which promotes gun bearing / is pro gun bearing.

    In 1871, the NRA was founded.

    The beginning of the USA dates back to 1776.

    The second amendment, written in 1791, can be found in the  US Constitution:

    Boy Guilty of Shooting his mother

    It’s about the right to carry guns because at that time, there was no police / no army, so they needed a militia / so people had to defend themselves.

    Nowadays the 2nd Amendment is outdated: it has expired . It’s not necessary anymore.

    Written by Cécilia


    Here are pro-guns videos made by the NRA:


    Then, you studied a new document entitled 'Boy Guilty of Shooting his Mother'.

    Here is what you said about it:

    The mother may have punished him, so he may have taken his revenge and shot her.
    The boy and his mother were arguing about chores/housework.
    His mother was violent because she had slapped him.
    So the murder was premedidated/ intentional
    So the boy shot his mother on purpose.

    Written by Lana.


    Here is an interesting website about deaths related to guns in the USA (click on the picture):

    'Boy guilty of shooting his mother'



    - ALLER SUR LE BLOG: documents complémentaires

    - Lesson: what is the article about?

    - Fiche erreurs - Worksheet



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  • Hey!

    Today, you worked on methodology: you focused on the techniques to understand a video / an audio document better:

    Then, you did an activity about the historical origins of gun bearing in the USA:


    - Lesson: Why are guns part of the American history? Justify with examples.

    - Make searches:

    1) What is the 2nd Amendment? Explain it in your own words.

    2) What is the NRA?

    - Bien relire la méthodologie à la compréhension orale.


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