• The 6 best jobs in the world


    You started the lesson with the recap of the London Olympic Games.


    Then, you studied the last example of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (click on the picture to watch the video):

    The 6 best jobs in the world

    Here are the jobs you would like to apply for:

    The chief funster job consists in attending festivals and in living the life of Sydney VIP.
    The wildlife caretaker job consists in taking care of animals, like swimming with dolphins and sea lions and waking up the kangaroos.

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    Here is another video about those best jobs:


    - Correction fiche lexicale au prochain cours

    - Lesson: Among the 6 jobs, which one would you apply for? Why?

    - FInal Task: Jeudi 7/04

    - Final Test: 11/04

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