• The Amish Community



    Today, you started with the lesson: Would you like to live in the City of the Dawn? Justify your choice with two examples.


    You corrected your homework:


    Then, you said everything you knew about the Amish community.

    You watched a video to know more about them.

    The Amish Community

    Here is what you understood:

    The Amish community was founded in 1693

    They were persecuted as Catholics.
    They are devout because they strictly follow the Bible.
    They ride horses and own farms : indeed, they live a simple life without electricity.
    Finally men have long beards.

    Written by Chloé.



    - Lesson: Present the Amish community

    - Apprendre les expressions 'Dreams and Aspirations' + revoir le vocabulaire du chapitre

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