• The perfect debate



    First, you recounted the lesson using different gap fillers.


    What I mean is/ I mean/ What I’m trying to say is that : to explain your point

    Well/You know/You see :when you need time to think

     Written by Nadhmati


    Then, you listed all the necessary tools for a perfect debate thanks to the video below (2'20--> 3'36):

    Here is your list:

    A perfect debate

    Be convincing

    Use gap fillers

    Use argument and examples

    Speak loud to be understandable

    Express opinion/agreement/disagreement

    Listen to all to attack/ to respond (=to react) quickly

    Be self-confident

    Respect the others' opinion (be open-minded = tolerant)

    Use the correct tone

    Use your opponent’s arguments against him to flip him on his back (as in judo)

     Written by Nadhmati



    - Lesson

    - Corrigé Essay à rendre pour mardi prochain

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