• The Perfect Debate



    Today, you talked about Anna's situation using at least two gap fillers:

    ●When you forget your sentence:
    Ex: well, you know, you see

    ●When you want to rephrase:
    Ex: what I'm trying to say, what I mean is

    Written by Mélanie.

    The perfect debate

    Don'ts :  

    - Not interrupt 

    Do's :

    - Give arguments/examples (to prove, to illustrate)

    - Respect the other's point of view.

    - Listen and react quickly / respond / give counter-arguments --> flip your opponent on his back

    - Think fast (not much time)

    - Speak loud and articulate to be understood.

    Written by Margaux


    Then, in order to get prepared for your final task, you listed all the ingredients for a perfect debate:

    Here is what you said:

    Written by



    - Apprendre la méthodologie au débat + Gap fillers

    - FINAL TASK: 8/04

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