• The Princess and the Tin Box: an unexpected ending



    Today, you told the beginning of the fairy tale and then talked about the gifts in detail.

    Here is what you said:

    She had to choose a husband among 5 suitors.

    The first prince brought a golden apple, the second gave her a bird in diamonds, the third offered a jewel box made of platinum and sapphires, the fourth brought a heart made of rubies and the fifth gave her a tin box with mica, feldspar and hornblende which he had found on the ground.
    The first four princes offered valuable metals and precious stones whereas the last one offered cheap ones.

    The princess may choose the fifth prince because he is good looking/ handsome and she had never seen a tin box and mica before. Besides, she already had a precious stones.

    Written by Laure.


    Then, you discovered the end:


    Here is the real ending:

    Actually /In fact, the princess chose the third prince because he brought her the most valuable gift.
    Moral : it's naive / gullible to think she would pick the last prince.

    Written by Laure



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