• The Stolen Generations: Living conditions and consequences



    Today, you used the text below to refresh your memory about the Stolen Generations.

    Then, you re-read it and picked the new elements about them.

    Here is what you understood:

    After they were kidnapped, the Stolen Generations suffered from sexual and physical abuse / were mistreated: some got raped.

    That's why half-caste children lost their identity because settlers wanted them to assimilate. Some of them became alcoholic or died young. Nowadays, the governement give compensation to recognize the Stolen Generation's mistreatment.

    Written by Floriane


    Here is the audio file to improve your pronunciation:

    Here are some remarks about your final tasks:

    • Good reactivty!
    • Your arguments are too repetitive: try to give precise arguments related to your role.
    • You MUST use gap fillers!!!!!



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